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Endurance Consulting Group strives to develop phenomenal strategies to drive revenue for our fortune 500™ clients. We pride ourselves on developing and bringing out greatness within our clients and providing opportunities for both personal and professional growth for our employees.


  • Highest level of integrity: Maintaining strong moral principles in ALL situations
  • Ambition: Having the desire to work toward and achieve personal and professional excellence
  • Work Ethic: Hard work and diligence are requirements

The goal of Endurance Consulting Group is not only to provide outstanding representation, but also to create a business model that is not only sustainable but thrives in any market and economy. We are able to provide our clients with excellent customer acquisitions, customer retention, return on investment, and speed to market by taking a personal approach with customers and clients. Our strategy is promoting long term growth and opportunity for our team members by providing hands on training and real world business experience.


Consider us the ‘people people’. We focus on communicating with your target market and new customers to create an exceptional customer experience. Our expertise in expanding into new markets and increasing our clients businesses is unparalleled by other forms of marketing because of our individualized and methodical approach when representing your brand. When other companies fall short, we keep going.

Customer Acquisitions

We put a face and a handshake to the brand

Speed To Market

Driving revenue for new products or services.

Face-to-Face Interactions

Each customer is different and unique, we have found the
absolute best way to right size customers is through human interaction.

Increase Brand Recognition

Create brand recognition for new services and products

In-House Training

We provide a full in house and hands on training program for our team members.

Customer Retention

Our team is able to have personal interactions with customers thus
increasing our client’s customer retention.

We provide customer acquisitions, return on investment and direct speed to market for our clients. We are able to do that through face to face interactions with customers and holding our team accountable to our core values.


Endurance Consulting Group opened its doors in Des Moines Iowa July 2016 with a small group of dedicated, entrepreneurial minded individuals. We are currently working with one of the largest Fortune 500™ telecommunication companies in the United States. Their investment in new services around the country has created a constant need for more representation which has provided us with an opportunity to grow and expand with them with the goal of becoming their premier partner for representation.

Meet Our Team

Target Market Reached
Markets Covered

Danny Brebrick – Founder

Originally from Wisconsin,  ‘Go Green Bay’!  He attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.  He graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Business.  His first two years out of college were spent gaining as much experience in sales, company branding, and management as he could.  He worked closely with a variety of companies in different parts of the country.  Working in various cities and working closely with all different kinds of companies proved to be an awesome growth and learning experience for him.  In July of 2016 Danny opened the doors to Endurance Consulting Group in Urbandale, IA with the goal of being one of the leaders of outsourced sales.  His goal is to acquire and train the personnel necessary to expand not only in the greater Des Moines area, but also across the country.  

“The core values that our company is founded on have come from our team.  We hold a very high standard for one another and ourselves.  My goal is to be a resource and a tool for others to help them reach their full potential in their personal and professional lives.”


Why Endurance Consulting Group?

We pride ourself in providing exceptional service and growth for our clients. More importantly, we understand that in order to create those results we must focus on providing an outstanding work environment and growth for our team. Investing resources and creating opportunity for our team is the source of our overall success for our company and our clients.


We look for entrepreneurial minded individuals who enjoy a fast paced and energetic environment. Goal setting and accountability are important attributes of our team members. We encourage our employees to be innovative, think big and push themselves to reach their goals.  


In order to invest into our team all new team members receive hands on training to enhance five major areas of business:

  • Sales / Marketing
  • Training
  • Human Resources
  • Business Administration
  • Management

By investing into our team members we will be able to provide the leadership, growth and expansion our clients require for their campaign.

Benefits of working with Endurance Consulting Group:

  • Individualized Training and Mentorship
  • Increased Communication Skills
  • Experience in Conducting Conference Calls & Meetings
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Paid Bonuses
  • Coaching and Leadership Training
  • Opportunities to Attend Business and Philanthropic Events

Reach out to our Human Resources team to learn how you can get started with us!


How does Endurance Consulting Group acquire clients?

For Clients and Candidates: We look at several things when we are acquiring a new client but the most important requirement is that the client and service or product is available in more than 25 markets around the United States. This provides an opportunity for individuals within our company to advance and expand.

Why outsource?

For Clients: Outsourcing protects your financial investment. Clients we work with don’t have to worry about hiring and training a new employee and because we provide an environment that promotes growth we are able to attract very motivated individuals.

For Candidates: Outsourcing involves contracting another business to handle certain tasks for them. Usually this is done because of the cost efficiency and effectiveness. Our clients outsource to us not only for the cost efficiency but also because we have created a merit based environment where our employees have an opportunity to advance quickly. This attracts high caliber and extremely motivated people.

Does everyone need to know how to do sales?

We believe that everyone in our company should have an understanding of basic sales strategies because although there are other opportunities within our company we want everyone to be as well rounded as possible.

Do I need prior business or management experience to apply?

Great question! We provide a mentor program that provides all of the necessary business and management training required to be successful here. We have found that candidates from other industries or with little experience can succeed with our company as long as their core values align with ours.

How can I start with Endurance Consulting Group?

Email us your resume to apply! If our Human Resources department believes you would be a good potential match with our company they will reach out to you to schedule an initial interview.



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